Inspire, Uplift, and Motivate

I Am Good With Me

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About The Book

I AM GOOD WITH ME was written to inspire, uplift and motivate children to be happy and proud of who they are as individuals. The book encourages children to celebrate the unique and wonderful attributes they have within.

Audience 4-7


Confident children grow up to be confident adults. This book highlights the many valuable characteristics children intrinsically possess. It offers feel good, high-five moments to share with your child that will spark happiness and promote self-love for years to come.
All children are amazing and wonderfully made. It is important to affirm how much they matter and that they were created with purpose; to share their uniqueness with the world.
Children should always know that their lives are evolving and that the sky is the limit to their potential.
A child’s carefree nature should be cherished and preserved for as long as possible. When we bolster our kids with healthy affirmations about their positive qualities, it sets the tone for growth and provides a healthy mindset for them to thrive.