Keeping Dylan Healthy Series

Dylan and the Big Toothbrush

About The Book

DYLAN AND THE BIG TOOTHBRUSH was written to address the importance of maintaining a healthy smile and enjoying a happy visit at the dentist. Dylan’s dentist experience is an adventure of overcoming fear, being open-minded and enjoying pleasant surprises at every turn.

Audience 4-7


Dylan is in for a big surprise! His mom is mindful of his previous not-so-pleasant experience at the dentist and does a bit of research to find a more kid-friendly dentist. She is hoping that this dentist visit will create a more positive memory for Dylan, and boy was she right!
A trip to the dentist can be scary for children, especially when the previous visit was not so pleasant. Dylan was a little apprehensive about his visit this time around.
Little did he know, his mom had a bit of a surprise for him. She had chosen a new dentist office that came highly recommended for children.
Upon stepping in, it became clear why this trip would be unlike any other dentist visit that Dylan had experienced. Journey with Dylan to the dentist and see why this trip was out of this world!